Inspiring choices, helping you choose a career or study area wisely


"I am a photography graduate from the University College Falmouth. After gaining my degree I found it difficult to find relevant full time employment in the creative sector. I booked a session with Lesley and before we had finished our first cup of tea we had gone through numerous options, refined them and come up with a clear plan of what I needed to do. This gave me the confidence to create a better CV, know to whom and where to distribute it and gain numerous industry contacts. I am now in a comfortable position where I am getting regular freelance work and I recently attended a live interview on ITV News to discuss my photography. I couldn't recommend Lesley's services more. Her friendly, precise approach to working has helped keep me motivated and I now feel more confident about what the future may bring" - Former Client.

"I learned a huge amount in the ten years I worked alongside Lesley; guidance is far more than a process. Lesley has an innate belief in the power of guidance as an exploration to release potential. She has a unique ability to think creatively and laterally, starting with the concept that anything is possible, to develop a forum for ideas. The client discovers the joy of interacting with a lively and interesting interviewer, who listens for explicit as well as implicit insights. This is combined with the common sense approach of utilising knowledge and doing research to generate realistic and practical plans or solutions. Such breadth and scope is invaluable in helping clients find new territory to investigate and the client is made to feel individually catered for, receiving devoted time from someone who thrives in finding out about their world and their possibilities. This is Lesley’s gift and I can highly recommend meeting her, to gain new and different perspectives to galvanise progress" - Former Colleague.


"Lesley Robson's service Finding Futures and the advice she has given have been invaluable. Several of the young adults in my family have drawn upon this resource. She immediately sets everyone at ease with her warmth and courteous nature. Unlike other advisers that the young adults have previously encountered, they have commented on the way that she listens attentively and draws out their ideas and ambitions. Lesley not only can draw upon a vast wealth of experience, but also is adept at researching and coming up with a range of avenues towards an outcome. She also has the ability to think creatively around a set of ideas to match the individual. A truly professional service that we as a family can wholeheartedly recommend" - Parent of Former Client.