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Terms and Conditions



Payment terms


An honest and common sense approach to fairness is assumed. Payment should be made ahead of the work to take place. My preferred payment method is by BACS, please contact me directly and I will send the details to you.


Cancellations made less than a week before we are due to meet will incur a 50% of cost fee. If a cancellation or postponement is arranged well in advance, the fee will be returned or a new date agreed. If a client is ill or has an unexpected problem, I will of course try to rearrange the appointment.



Who is my client?


My client is the person requiring face to face help, the payee may be a different person, parent/guardian. However, all round collaboration is encouraged. Please refer to the Careers Development Institute Code of Ethics (CDI).



Venues for meetings;


I can offer flexibility on venues, I can work from an office, some clients may prefer a less formal venue, a café for example (confidentiality not guaranteed), or at a client’s home, within reason (travel times and costs to be agreed).



Information to client;


Informal notes will be taken during conversation to aid questioning and research. Ideas that arise and tasks to be fulfilled will be noted alongside references to sites, organisations or people with whom contact would be beneficial. Setting tasks, goals and a timeline is a normal part of the Careers Guidance process as is the need to set follow-up time to reflect upon new information and the clients understanding of it, hence a minimum of two meetings is suggested. Please note, highlighting sources of information or types of activity that are vital to solid research is integral to my role, the client needs to undertake said actions – eager participation is key!



Information storage and use;


Information I collect will be kept for a short time to inform proper follow-up. When I undertake research on a client’s behalf, their name and address will not be shared with anyone unless it is particularly useful to do so and then only with the clients permission. On confidentiality, please see the CDI Code of Ethics.