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Client A is a recent graduate with a degree in

‘Photographic Art’. My client’s goal is to become

established as a photographer/film maker.


Following discussion, we felt marketing was Client A’s

biggest challenge (after considering the product and

its unique appeal).


We needed to focus on where, how and with whom

he would seek association. We looked at the tools

of communication open to him online and how he

should exploit all free social media opportunities,

using multi forums and platforms to achieve a huge

and diverse audience.


We discussed entering competitions, and submitting work to all appropriate on-line organisations, for example, recruitment/talent seekers/music, visual jockey, events and promotion companies, keeping an eye on charging and non-charging sites.


We went on to look at self-promotion locally by being part of exhibitions and by seeking unusual display spaces, for example offices, bars and cafes. We discussed negotiating locally to lead a ‘pop-up’ event for emerging artists and how this might work, deciding that such an event would be press worthy and an excellent launch mechanism.


Following our conversation around his practical skills base, in which my client felt there were gaps, we researched and found companies in the North West and North East who were to be approached for a short focussed period of work experience.


Client A has gone on to be picked up by a major promoter.  


Key considerations:

Identifying and creating exhibition opportunities

Achieving press coverage regularly

Exploiting all local opportunities via small and large venues

Consistently updating online material



Note; As is the case for many young graduates, we concluded that the dream job has to be achieved gradually while earning a living! Many young people need to develop and sustain a long term view, especially when approaching self-employment.