Inspiring choices, helping you choose a career or study area wisely


Client B wanted to discuss careers around

agriculture following university. We started by

looking at our understanding of the title, we agreed

that it encapsulated multidisciplinary areas and that

listing possible study titles would help our

understanding of this broad subject: we discussed

farming, type and scale, considering innovation and



We went on to land and estate management and to

consider broad global politics around food production

and distribution, animal welfare, research and

chemical development, environmental concerns,

fair-trade initiatives,  finance and foods and the global



My client was excited by the range of possibilities her

initial idea had generated, we looked at current GCSE

subjects, preferences around sciences and the A levels ‘Client B’ is considering. While an

obvious focus on science is essential, we felt there was also scope to perhaps consider politics, sociology or economics. With discussion, it became clear my client enjoyed politics, we went on to discuss politics as a study area alongside global studies and food security. A task set while in school was to attend taster classes in other A level areas, to thoroughly explore options.


All the above is now at the research stage, while exciting, it is important to take each idea and look at it carefully in isolation and at collaborative possibilities.


Part of this process should involve work experience at a local level, I encouraged my client to look locally at opportunities in farming to gain insight to the everyday issues around food production and regulation, we discussed getting some experience in an agricultural feedstuffs environment, working perhaps with (larger) food producers and to explore charitable organisations promoting fair trade, all or any of the above will enrich a CV and lend certainty to course or employment applications.


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