Inspiring choices, helping you choose a career or study area wisely


My name is Lesley Robson, I am based in the Eden Valley and I am the founder of Finding Futures.


I have worked with young people from year eleven upwards with a wide variety of skills, qualifications, interests and aspirations, helping them identify appropriate courses, apprenticeships and other creative approaches to achieving their goals.


I have worked with employers on curriculum enhancement and on developing creative work experience placements for schools.

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I have lived in Cumbria for over 20 years, before this I lived in both London and Tyneside - three very different areas. My experience is broad but my interest remains in face-to-face contact with students and their families.


I can offer students clear information on options locally, regionally and nationally. I can discuss apprenticeships, training providers, further and higher education courses and gap years.


Moreover I encourage and supply creative ideas, whether on gap year plans or courses at university or jobs while at school, I can help you put together a strategy!


For uncertain (or baffled?) individuals and/or perplexed parents, I can work to uncover interests, skills and look carefully at all your qualifications. I can help you identify a clear pathway for further research and action.


For more mature clients, I offer ideas on developing the career you're in, or securing change. For those just feeling a need for a new start or for those returning to work, we can look carefully and creatively at all your interests and develop a plan that will lead to greater certainty and satisfaction.


I am a member of the Career Development Institute and subscribe to their Code of ethics.